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Privacy Policy "me" Instant Game

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This privacy policy explains the usage and protection of your data by using the "me" Instant Game (ID 1112192455625127) on Facebook developed and operated by Philip Lindner.
The policy applies whenever you use our "me" Instant Game.

Please note that our service is an addition to Facebook's Instant Game feature. Beside our own privacy policy you should read the Facebook Privacy Policy to gain insights on how Facebook may use your data.

Collected and saved data

By using your Facebook Account and playing our Instant Game we collect the following data from Facebook:

  • Your first name
  • Your profile picture
  • Your language

Your first name and your profile picture may be used to support the main idea of the game by generating individual images containing one or both information. The image is generated and transferred to your device and Facebook on request, while you play.
We never store your Facebook data on our servers.

Your language is used to show you appropriate content that supports your spoken language if possible. We may also order the content recommendations based on the language so that the content may fit to current local events or topics.
Your language data is never saved on our servers.

If you decide to request the removal of your data (see "Change or revoke access to your data") we receive additional data:

  • Your user id
  • The time when you have issued the removing process
We do not save this data. What remains is an unique ID for your request. We are not able to attach this request ID to an user after the first response has taken place.

Also due to a legitimate security interest we collect some other data beside your Facebook data for every request made, which is the following:

  • Your IP address
  • The date and time of your request
  • The origin source of your request (e.g. Facebook)
  • Your browser (e.g. Chrome or Safari)
  • Your operation system (e.g. Android or iOS)
  • The amount of transfered data
  • The server or endpoint you have called
This data is saved as server logfiles and is removed after 7 days. In case of an incident and therefor needed evidence the data may be saved until the end of the incident.

Change or revoke access to your data

You have the right and the possibility to remove the access to your data.
To remove our Instant Game, go to the Instant Game settings and remove it. You may be able to select additional options provided by Facebook. After this step we are not able to access your data anymore. Please note that we gain the right to your data again if you decide to start the game afterwards.
After removing the game, you are able to request the deletion of all your Facebook data we may have saved, even if we have not saved your data. Therefor choose the tab containing your removed Instant Games, choose our game and request data removal. However, as we do not save any of your Facebook data, this step gives you an confirmation but is otherwise not needed.

TLS encoding of your data with HTTPS

Our services use HTTPS connections only. Your data is transmitted by using the TLS (Transport Layer Security) to be protected against unauthorized access during transactions.


Our service does not use cookies.

Request information about your saved data

You have the right to request information about the data we have saved about you. Please contact the accountable contact stated at the end of this policy.

Third parties

As our game is based on a Facebook feature we may share the data you receive from our service with Facebook. Please read the Facebook Privacy Policy to learn more about how Facebook uses your data.

Accountable contact for privacy protection and questions

To give you a contact possibility for questions and demands regarding your data in connection to our service we set the following person as accountable contact:

Philip Lindner
Dr. Weinbrennerstrasse 54
2103 Langenzersdorf

Phone: 0043 676 4044538 (Fees may arise)

For your inquery we kindly ask you to write an email to

Your are required to provide sufficient information to provide you usefull support. We may ask for additional information.

(Last Update: 21.12.2018)