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Terms of Use

These Terms of Use are about the usage of our services at the domain and its subdomains.

The service

Our service provides content which is individually created using personal data. The usage of our service must take place by the Facebook Platform. The access of this service is therefor directed by the Facebook guidelines and most likely needs a Facebook account. Additionally to our own terms of use and data policy the Facebook terms of use ( and the Facebook data policy ( applies.

This service is no part of and not affiliated with Facebook.

Data policy

To provide you this service it is required to use some of your personal data. Pleae read our data policy to learn more about the kind of data we use and how we use it.

Your liabilities

To use our service you have to be at least 16 years old.

During creation and publishment of content with our service on your request we may use your first name, profile picture or other personal data that you accepted to be provided by Facebook. You guarantee to not use this service with data that shows offensive or adult content, that violates personal rights, copyrights or other applicable law, that is free of third rights and represent the truth. Used data can be forbidden or removed in single cases, even if not appliable to the general guidelines, if we think that the shown content may be unsuitable or problematic.

A usage of our service independently from functionalities provided by Facebook, which means a direct call or usage of our service endpoints, as well as the usage of our service endpoints as an independent service is prohibited. The excessive and commercial usage in connection with the previously called infringement, but also appliable to other intentionally harmful usage can lead to legal consequences and compensation.

Your and our responsibility

As the service provider we are not responsible for your published and shared content originally created using our service.

Our service and the resulting content is intendent for entertainment purposes only. There is no guarantee for the correctness and for the containing information, results, promises and advices.

An exclusion from our service can happen at any time and does not require an explanation. The service can be unavailable for a single person or country because of technical conditions or security concerns.
The service can be shut down by the service provider at any time.

Content created using our service can be removed or deleted at any time. Content that is requested to be deleted by the user can be preserved if the applicable law may require that behavior because of possible legal issues.

Rights of usage to your data

For your content created with our service you grant us the right to use this data in connection to our service. This includes the right to publish or share the content in public. This right can be assigned to third parties.

Contact and service provider

Philip Lindner
Dr. Weinbrennerstrasse 54,
Langenzersdorf 2103,

To contact us, please use the contact data in the imprint